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"Aaa Vending"
Aaa Vending Specializes In Helping People Start Their Own Vending Business. We Sell All Types Of Vending Machines, Provide Consultation About Vending And The Vending Industry And Can Even Have Your Vending Route Established For You. Be Sure To Visit Our Vending Consultation Page, The Best Source Of Vending Information Available. Click On The Vending Machines Below To View More Vending Machines Of A Similar Type.

"Agility Dog Association Of Australia Ltd."

A.D.A.A. Was Formed In 1994 To Promote International Standard Agility To All Dog Owners And To Encourage The Public To Involve Their Pets More In Fun Activities.

"Alabama Animal Adoption Society"

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society (AAAS) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization which was founded in 1977 by a small group of people whose primary goal was to help solve the problem of strays and unwanted pets in need of loving homes.

"Alaska Dog Mushers'' Association Inc."

ADMA is a volunteer organization. Members include professional dog mushers, recreational mushers, local businesses and individuals, and many others interested in sled dogs and sleddog racing.

"Alberta Stock Dog Association"

Alberta Stock Dog Association is one of the leading dog breed stock associations in the country. Stock Dogs Are Dogs Which Are Bred Specifically For The Handling Of Livestock.

"Alley Cat Allies"

Alley Cat Allies, Is A National Nonprofit Clearinghouse For Information On Feral And Stray Cats. Alley Cat Allies has advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) - the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations for a decade

"Alpaca Lovers Actively Sharing Knowledge In Alaska Inc."

Alpaca Owners And Breeders Association (Aoba), share husbandry experiences, provide information about alpacas to the public and work towards improving the breeding, raising and marketing of alpacas and their luxurious fleece.

"American Association Of Cat Enthusiasts, Inc.,"

American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, Inc. provides information all about cats

"American Boarding Kennels Association"

ABKA is the non-profit trade association for the pet boarding industry in the United States and around the world. ABKA members offer a variety of services including pet boarding, grooming, training, transportation, shipping, pet supplies, day care and food sales.

"American Border Collie Association"

The United States Border Collie Club, Inc. (USBCC) is dedicated to preserving the Border Collie as a working stock dog, opposing the showing, judging, and breeding of Border Collies based upon their appearance, promoting the breeding only of sound and healthy animals free of genetic defects, and encouraging Border Collie owners to work with their dogs in the many canine sports at which Border Collies excel.

"American Bulldog Association"

American Bulldog Association is a non-profit association. he most comprehensive and informative american Bulldog site in the World.

"American Cat Fanciers Association"

The American Cat Fanciers Association, Acfa, Originated In 1955 And Has Grown To Be One Of The World''S Largest Cat Organizations.

"American Cichlid Association"

The American Cichlid Association is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to the knowledge and enjoyment of the fishes of the family Cichlidae.

"American Dog Owners Association"

"The American Dog Owners Association Preserves The Special Relationship Between Dogs And Mankind By Protecting And Defending The Rights Of Responsible Dog Ownership, Opposing Detrimental And Supporting Appropriate Regulationfor Dog Owners; Educating The Public And Promoting Standards For Safe And Civilized Treatment Of Dogs."

"American Fancy Rat And Mouse Association"

The American Fancy Rat And Mouse Association Is A A Non-Profit international club. The main purpose of AFRMA is to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets.

"American Ferret Association, Inc"

The American Ferret Association Is A National-Level Ferret Organization Devoted To Promoting the domestic ferret as a companion animal through public education via shows, newsletters, legislative education, and other venues.

"American Holsteiner Horse Association, Inc."

The American Holsteiner Horse Association Was Established In 1977 To Promote And Support The Enjoyment And Breeding Of The Holsteiner Warmblood Horse In North America.

"American Miniature Horse Association"

A Complete Information Source Featuring Every Aspect Of Owning, Showing, Breeding, Buying And Training A Miniature Horse.

"American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration"

AMBOR worked with the Illini Obedience Association to gain entry for mixed-breeds into the prestigious Gaines Regional and Classic competitions, which highlights the top teams in the country.

"American Paint Horse Association"

The Association is your APHA resource center. The Apha''S Mission Is To Record Pedigrees And Promote The Breeding, Showing of horses.

"American Pet Association"

The Apa Is An Independent, National Humane Organization Dedicated To Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership Through Action, Services And Education.

"American Pet Products Manufacturers Association Inc.,"

The Leading Not-For-Profit Trade Association Serving The Interests Of Pet Product Manufacturers And Importers..

"American Rare Breed Association"

The Leader In Rare Breed Dogs In The United States. Strive To Protect And Serve The Rare Breed Dog And Serve All Dog Fanciers.

"American Rescue Dog Association, Inc."

ARDA, The American Rescue Dog Association, uses airscenting dogs in search and rescue missions to help locate disaster victims and missing persons in wilderness siuations

"American Shire Horse Association"

One of the largest horses in the world, the Shire originated in the ''Shires'' of England and is a descendant of the Old English Black Horse whose ancestors were the ''great horses'' of mediaeval times.

"American Warmblood Society"

The American Warmblood Society Is A Non-Profit Sport Horse Corporation Founded In 1983 And Dedicated To The Olympic Sport Horse.The American Warmblood Society was given Associate Membership in the prestigious World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses (WBFSH) in November of 2000

"American White Shepherd Association"

The American White Shepherd Association Was Formed To Do Everything Possible To Protect, Promote And Advance The Best Interests And Welfare Of Purebred White Shepherds And To Continue To Bring Their Natural Qualities To Perfection Through Quality And Careful Breeding Practices.

"Animal Protection Institute"

The Animal Protection Institute (Api) Is A National Animal Advocacy Nonprofit 501(C)(3) Organization, Contributions To Which Are Tax-Deductible. API''s mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation.

"Arizona Animal Welfare League"

The Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) is the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in Arizona.

"Ark Inc.,"

The Ark, Inc., A Non-Profit Organization, Was Incorporated In 1990 For The Purpose Of Rescuing Unwanted, Sick, Injured, Orphaned, And Abandoned Animals.

"Assistance Dogs International"

Assistance Dogs International, Inc. Is A Coalition Of Members Representing Organizations And Individuals Training And Placing Assistance Dogs.

"Associated Koi Clubs Of America"

Akca Is A Non Profit Organization Created To Promote, The Hobby Of Keeping, Breeding, Appreciating And Exhibiting Koi.

"Association For Pet Loss And Bereavement Inc."

The APLB is a compassionate non-profit organization dedicated to helping people during this very special kind of bereavement.

"Association Of Avian Veterinarians"

The Association of Avian Veterinarians possesses the resources, respect, credibility, and influence needed to accomplish its mission

"Association Of Pet Dog Trainers"

The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers (Apdt) Is A Professional Organization Of Individual Trainers Who Are Committed To Becoming Better Trainers Through Education.

"Australian Rat Fanciers Society"

Australian Rat Fanciers Society For Rat Owners, Lovers, Breeders And Exhibitors And Also Organise Get Togethers And Shows.

"Aviary And Cage Bird Society Of South Florida Inc."

Aviary & Cage Bird Society Of South Florida, Inc. Was Started In February 1997. Provides Useful Information About Birds.

"Bc Stock Dog Association"

Bc Stock Dog Association Promoting The Use And Training Of Working Stock Dogs. Educating The Pets Through Their Clinics Worldwide.

"Border Collie Trust G.B."

An Animal Welfare Organisation Which Relies On Public Support To Assist Border Collies.

"Breaktime Northwest"

Vending And Consulting Drop Thousands Into Vending Equipment,Plan For Early Retirement,Book That Caribbean Cruise.Well, Ive Got Good News My Friend Because You Have Come To The Right Place. Whether Youre Thinking About Gumball Machines Or Full Sized Cold Drink Machines.

"British Houserabbit Association(BHA)"

The BHRA aims to raise the status of the rabbit.The BHRA helps rabbit owners build a better relationship with their bunnies and provide them with a better quality of life, whether they live indoors or out.

"Buster24 Uff. Marketing"

Contracts For Renderign Technical Assistance 1)Teleassistenza 1 Year Remote Service Agreement Under This Contract The Following Services Are Provided 30 Hr Of Access To Perform Monitoring And Diagnosis Including 4 Software Upgrade Options.Under This Contract The Following Services Are Provided On Site Technical Support Performed By The Authorized Personnel On As Needed Basis Provided That Remote Management Is Ineffective.

"California Domestic Ferret Association (Cdfa)"

The California Domestic Ferret Association (Cdfa), Was Involved In Legalizing Ferrets From 1989 To 1996.

"California Reining Horse Association"

The Crha Is A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To The Promotion Of The Reining Horse. The association was formed in 1993 to encourage the exhibition of the Reining Horse in the spirit of organized competition.

"California Thoroughbred Breeders Association"

California Thoroughbred breeders Association is an breeders association. If A Foal Is Produced By A California-Based Stallion And Dropped In California Then The Foal Is Eligible To Be Registered As A California-Bred.

"Canadian Association Of Zoos And Aquariums"

Caza Is A Non-Profit Organization Established To Promote The Welfare Of And Encourage The Advancement And Improvement Of Zoology, Recreation, Education, Conservation And Science.

"Canadian Border Collie Association"

The Associations Objectives Are The Encouragement, Development And Regulation Of The Breeding Of Purebred Border Collies In Canada.

"Canadian Cat Association"

The Canadian Cat Association is to provide the Canadian cat fancy with an association that is governed by its members and dedicated to the well being of all cats

"Canadian Pet Hospital Association"

Are a conglomeration of veterinary clinics located in the surrounding areas of Ontario since 1996.

"Canadian Rift Lake Cichlid Association"

Canadian Rift Lake Cichlid Association The Study, Keeping, Promotion And Conservation Of The Cichlids Of The African Rift Lakes.

"Cat Fanciers'' Association"

Cat Shows, Cat Breeds And Cat Care, And A Showcase Of Top Winning Cats. You''Ll Also Find The Latest News About Cfa And This Web Site, A Tour Of Cfa''S History, Structure And Goals, Etc

"Cats Organisation"

Are a long-established cat welfare charity. In fact we are the oldest and largest cat charity in the UK. Are primarily a rescue organisation. Have 29 purpose built Shelters and over 240 voluntary Branches throughout the UK.

"Cedar Rapids Kennel Association, Inc"

Cedar Rapids kennel Association inc., is To Promote And Encourage The Ownership, Proper Care, Ethical Breeding, Training, And Health Of Pure Bred Dogs Registered By The American Kennel Club.

"Certified Horsemanship Association"

Cha Is A Non-Profit Organization Operating Internationally, To Develop A Means To Test And Evaluate Riding Program Staff For Risk Management Skills, Teaching Ability, Horsemanship Knowledge And Professionalism.

"Chenny Troupe"

Chenny Troupe Is A Not-For-Profit Organization Dedicated To Motivating Individuals With Special Challenges Through Animal-Assisted Therapy Programs Using Certified Therapy Dogs.

"Chinook Owners Association"

Chinook Owners Association is an Pet owner association. U.K.C. National Breed Club for the Chinook Dog.

"Classic Turkish Van Cat Association"

A Group Of Turkish Van Breeders And Exhibitors, Concerned About The Future Of This Beautiful Cat. Since That Time We Have Grown To Become The Largest Single-Breed Club Representing The Turkish Van, With A Membership In Excess Of 250.

"Companion Animal Association Of Arizona"

The Mission Of The Companion Animal Assoication Of Arizona, Inc. Is To Enhance The Quality Of Lives Of People By Promoting The Human/Companion Animal Bond And To Provide Support When The Bond Is Broken.

"Consumers Choice Vending"

Consumers Choice Vending Now Proudly Offers You An Exclusive Opportunity To Invest In The Newest Vending Machine Opportunity.We Also Offer The Exclusive Master Distributor Program. Territories Are Going Quickly Act Today.

"Council Of Docked Breeds"

Cdb Campaigns To Protect The Future Welfare Of All Traditionally Docked Breeds. Based In The U.K. The Cdb Is A Non-Profit Making Organisation Manned By Dog Breeders. The Cdb Is Important To All Dog Breeds As It Also Monitors The Progress Of The Council Of Europe''S Convention For The Protection Of Pet Animals.

"Critter Haven"

Members Of The Critter Haven Group Are Volunteers, With The Ideals And Goals Of Ending The Exploitation Of Innocent Animals In The Sale, Breeding, And Continuation And Proliferation Of Unhealthy And Uncertified Animals.

"Delta Society"

Delta Society Program Descriptions And Reference Information Related To Human-Animal Interactions. Delta Society, A Non-Profit Organization, Promotes Animals Helping People Improve Their Health, Independence, And Quality Of Life.

"Elite Vending Service"

Whether It`S A Combination Machine As Shown Or A Single Snack Vendor,We Have What You Want.Each Location Is Carefully Evaluated For Their Individual Needs .We Offers 24 Hrs Service,New Machines, And Experienced Staff.Once Our Machines Are Placed You Can Rest Assured They Will Be Well Maintained And Stocked.

"English Setter Association"

English Setter Association Was Founded In 1951 And Has More Than 1,000 Members Worldwide. The Esa Aims To Support Those Who Own The Breed As Companions As Well As Those Who Wish To Show Their Dogs.

"Enterprise Vending"

Provide Consultation About Vending And The Vending Industry And Can Even Have Your Vending Route Established For You. Be Sure To Visit Our Vending Consultation Page, The Best Source Of Vending Information Available. Click On The Vending Machines Below To View More Vending Machines Of A Similar Type. For Phone Consultation, Please Feel Free To Call. We Can Help. Vending Is Our Business

"Fab Cats Organisation"

Fab cat organisation Promotes the Health And Welfare Of Cats By Making The Latest Information Available To Vets, Cat Breeders And Owners.

"Fastex, Inc."

The Services Fastex Provides A Equipment Needs Analysis,Equipment Inspection,Contractor Referrals`Arrangements And Full Brokerage Services.

"First Internet Bird Club"

Non-Profit Organization Where Collection Of Bird Experts And Enthusiasts From Around The World. Areas That Cover Finches To Macaws And Some Wild Bird Species.

"Foster Pets Animal Sanctuary, Inc."

Foster Pets Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a registered, nonprofit, humane organization based in Western Pennsylvania. It''s primary focus is to develop a ''no-kill'' animal sanctuary which will house, rehabilitate. and care for unwanted dogs, cats and rabbits for the remainder of their natural lives, or until they are adopted.

"Georgia Stock Dog Association"

The Gsda An Organization Of The Handlers Of All Breeds Of Stock Dogs In Our Area Would Be Beneficial To All, And Hence The Association Was Formed.

"Golden Retriever Rescue Of Mid-Florida, Inc."

Golden Retriever Rescue Of Mid-Florida, Inc. (Grrmf) Is A Tax-Exempt, Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Providing New Beginnings For Homeless Golden Retrievers.

"Golden State Gay Rodeo Association"

GSGRA is an association which provides education and training in production and participation in rodeo for the community. It is not necessary to own a horse or participate as an actual rodeo contestant to join GSGRA.

"Great Dane Rescue, Inc."

A Non- Profit Organization Dedicated To The Rehoming Of Relinquished Great Danes. Please Note That Our Adoption Area Includes Mi, Oh, In And Il For A Rescue In Your Area..

"Great Lakes Sled Dog Association"

Great Lakes Sled Dog Association is an leading association. GlsdaS Official Website, Features Racing Schedule, Race Results, Pages Dedicated To Its Junior Mushers And Member Accomplshments, Pictures And More.

"Grenada Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals"

The Gspca In A Non-Profit, Volunteer Organization Dedicated To Giving All Of Our Animals, Large And Small Respect And The Best Possible Quality Of Life.

"Hancock Wildlife"

Hancock Wildlife Is A Non-Profit Organization Which Provides A Full Spectrum Of Titles Ranging From Outdoor Guide Books On Parrots And Other Animals.

"Happy Tails Pet Therapy, Inc."

Happy Tails Pet Therapy, Inc. Is A Non-Profit organisation , Pet Facilitated Therapy Organization. Is The Oldest And Largest Organization Of Its Kind In The Atlanta Area.

"Heart Bandits"

Heart Bandits Is A Dog Rescue Organization Devoted To The American Eskimo Dog. They Rescue American Eskimo Dogs In Need, Provide Loving Care, And Find Qualified, Permanent, Adoptive Homes For Them.

"Herding Association"

Herding Association is the Country''S Fastest Growing Dog SportóAnd No Wonder. Can Get You Started With Complete Training Classes And First-Class Practice Facilities.

"Hidden Valley Obdience Club"

Hidden Valley Obedience Club Of North San Diego County, Inc. Began In 1986. Its Purpose Is To Promote And Foster Interest In Obedience Training. The Club Conducts Training Classes For Puppies, Beginners, And For Advanced Dogs.

"House Rabbit Society"

An All-Volunteer, Non-Profit Organization That Rescues Rabbits And Educates The Public On Rabbit Care And Behavior.

"Hunters Lodge"

Offering A Range Of Services For Your Dog, Cat Or Rabbit, Including A Full Grooming And Hand Stripping Service.


The Horse''S Registration Papers With The New Owner''S Name Plus A $35 Fee And Iaha Will Transfer Your Horse In All Applicable Programs

"Idaho Citizens Against Greyhound Entertainment"

Boise Idaho Based Anti-Racing Group Dedicated To Abolishing The Abuse And Cruelty These Dogs Must Endure For The Pleasure Of The Human Race.


A Grass Roots Member-Supported Organization Representing And Uniting The Individual Handlers, Local And Regional Clubs And Disc Dogs That Make Up The Canine Disc Sport.

"International Bergamasco Sheepdog Association"

The Bergamasco sheepdog Association is a very ancient Italian breed Association.

"International Curly Horse Organization"

A Non-Profit Organization & Registry Dedicated To All North American Curly Horses. Are A Newly Formed And Evolving Organization, Putting Together A World Scale Network For Curly Horse Preservation, Promotion, Registration, & Research.

"International Generic Horse Association"

The World''S Largest All-Breeds Equine Registry & Rescue/Welfare Organization.

"International Sphynx Breeders & Fanciers Assoc."

A Truly International Organization, With Members In The United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands.

"Iowa Pet Breeders Assocaition ( IaPBA )"

The Iowa Pet Breeders Assocaition ( IaPBA ) orignated as a cooperative effort of 7 determined women from 6 points of the state of Iowa. The 7 women worked hundreds of hours to organize the IaPB.

"Jkl Training Academy"

Jkl Training Academy Is Registered As A Private Training Institution Under The Private Post-Secondary Education Act Of British Columbia And Certified As An Educational Institution Under The Federal Income Tax Act.

"Kcfa, Inc"

The Largest And Oldest Korat- Organization In The World,The First To Gain Korat Recognition In The Western World,Developed For The Protection And Preservation Of The Korat Cat.

"Label Systems Inc,."

Each Label Order Is Unique. The Function, End Use, And Means Of Application Are All Critical Factors In Determining The Choice Of Materials, Adhesives And The Printing Process Best Suited To Your Requirements.

"Lofton Label Inc."

We Take Pride In Giving Our Customers Superior Service. We Are Ready To Serve You With Rush Service Or Standard Lead`Times, With A Customer Service Team That Works Closely With Customers, Our Productions Team, And Sales In Order To Give You The Best Possible Turnaround.

"Lone Star Search And Rescue Dog Association"

"Lone Star Search And Rescue Dog Association Is A Volunteer, Not-For-Profit Organization Based In Houston, Texas. Through The Use Of Trained Dog And Handler Teams, Assists In Voluntary Support Of Local And State Law Enforcement Agencies Responding To; Recovering Of Missing Or Lost Persons,Life Threatening Situations,And Civil And Natural Disasters."

"Lurcher Organisation"

An Organisation Whose Aim Is To Reunite Lost And Stolen Lurchers And Running Dogs With Their Owners. This Works Through A Network Of Countrywide Volunteers.

"Maine Coon Breeders And Fanciers Association"

Mcbfa Was Founded In 1968 To Preserve, Protect And Promote The Maine Coon Cat. Approximately 1500 Strong, Mcbfa Is Composed Of Fanciers And Breeder Members Around The World Who Are United In Admiration Of These Wonderful Cats.

"Maine Morgan Horse Club"

Non-Profit Organization That Encourages, Educated And Promotes The Breeding And Use Of Registered Morgans

"Marris Animal Foundation"

Morris Animal Foundation Is The Funding Source For Animal Health Studies That Are Conducted At Veterinary Institutions Throughout The World.

"Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association, Inc."

Dedicated To Preserving And Promoting The History, Breeding,Training, Showing, Sales And Enjoyment Of The Missouri Fox Trotter. But The Heart Of The Mfthba Is Its Members, For The Mission Of Our Association Is To Reflect Their Interest And Their Love Of The Missouri Fox Trotter

"Montana Pets On The Net"

The Goal Of This Page Is To Increase Adoptions Of Montana Pets Currently Held In Shelters, Humane Societies, And Rescue Groups Across The State.

"National Alternative Pet Association"

National Alternative pet Association is one of the leading association in the country.

"National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters"

A National Professional Trade Association Such As The National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters Provides Valuable Credibility, Networking And Education That Helps Foster Success.

"National Cockatiel Society"

National Cockatiel Society Is A Non-Profit Organization Specially Organized For Birds.

"National Dog Groomers Association Of America, Inc."

National Dog Groomers Association Of America, Inc. Presents Seminar, Trade Show And Grooming Competition Nashville, Tennessee June 9th, 10th & 11th, 2001.

"National Finch And Softbill Society"

The National Finch And Softbill Society Is A Non-Profit, Hobbyist Organization Dedicated To The Conservation, Breeding, Exhibiting And Enjoyment Of Finches And Softbills

"National Management Network, Inc."

"National Management Network Administers Superior Vending Machine Industry Cash Asset Management, Service Expertise And Consulting Resources To Corporate America; Encompassing All Company Locations Throughout The United States."

"Noah''S Ark Animal Foundation"

Noah''S Ark Animal Foundation Invites You To Meet Some Of Our Adoptable Cats And Dogs (And Members Of Our Board Of Directors) At Our Two April Adoption Days At The Clive And Cedar Rapids, Iowa Petcos. Click Here For Complete Details.

"Nordson Corporation"

Nordson Corporation Can Count On Nordson For Fast, Reliable Service And Our Ability To Adapt To Your Specific Requirements. In Order To Meet Your Needs As Quickly And Efficiently As Possible, Please Use The Following Guidelines To Contact Nordson Personnel In Usa

"North American Cocatiel Society"

An International Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To The Education Of Pet Cockatiel Owners And Breeders Through An Informative Quarterly Newsletters.

"North American Hunting Retriever Association"

The North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA) was created in 1983 as a not-for-profit organization to preserve the hunting instincts of our retriever breeds.

"North American Native Fishes Association"

Group''S Goal Is To Bring Together Professional And Amateur Aquarists, Educators, Students, Anglers, Fish And Wildlife Officials, And Researchers In Conservation Efforts Of The Inhabitants Of Lakes And Streams

"North East Border Collie Association"

The North East Border Collie Association Was Formed To Promote The Breeding And Training Of The Border Collie As A Working Dog. This Group Is Dedicated To Preserving The Border Collie As A Stock Dog For Any Livestock Or Poultry.

"Northstar System Consultants"

We Can Assist You With Any Aspect Of Your Bar Code Or Auto Id System Requirements`.Purely On A Consulting Basis. If That`S What You Need.It Also Offers A Bar Code`Auto Id Education,Product Repair,Technical Support,Compliance Label Support And Education And Bar Code Labels.

"Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Association"

A Group Of Dedicated Breeders And Fanciers Dedicated To The Preservation And Protection Of The Norwegian Forest Cat And Cats In General,A Non-Affiliated Association Who Welcomes Members Not Only Here In The United States

"Oberlander Draft Horse Association"

Breeders Of Oberlander Draft Horses In Canada And The Us. We Are Interested In Finding Other Breeders To Establish The Versatile Oberlander Horse

"Okanagan Dog Owners Association"

The Okanagan Dog Owners Association Held Its Inaugural Meeting On March 31st, 1999.We Quickly Jumped Into Crisis Mode But ,Despite Our Best Efforts, The Parks DepartmentíS Recommendation To Revert The Status Of Both Parks To On-Leash Only Was Accepted By City Council.

"Parrot Society Of Australia Inc"

The Parrot Society Of Australia Inc. Is Considered To Be The Leading Society In Aviculture For Breeders And Keepers Of All Types Of Parrots.

"People Protecting The Future Of Man''S Best Friend, Inc."

People Protecting The Future Of Man''S Best Friend, Inc. Is A Non-Profit Organization Educating The Public As To The Cause, Cure And Prevention Of Canine Behavioral Problems.

"Peruvian Paso Horse Registry Of North America"

Pphrna Is A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To The World''S Best And Most Elegant Pleasure Horse, The Peruvian Paso.

"Pet Boarding Association"

Pet Boarding Association is one of leading pet association in the country. Deals Honestly, Fairly And Respectfully With The Public, And Will Put The Welfare Of Your Pets And Service To Our Customers Above All Gain. We Will Honor Our Commitments To Our Clients, Whether They Are Made In Our Advertising Or In Person, And Will Avoid Inaccurate Or Misleading Claims About The Care Which We Provide.

"Pet Food Manufacturers Association"

The Aims Of The Pet Food Manufacturers'' Association Are To Promote Pet Food Products Which Are Safe, Of Sound Nutrition, Palatable And Which Offer Value For Money,Promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

"Pet Industry Distributors Association"

Pida, The Pet Industry Distributors Association, Was Organized More Than 30 Years Ago For The Purpose Of Promoting Progress Within The Pet Industry And To Conduct Programs And Activities On Behalf Of The Wholesaler-Distributor.

"Pet Pride Of Ny, Inc."

Knows How To Feed Them And How To Keep Them Healthy And Happy. love All Animals And feel Deeply About Their Various Plights And Afflictions.

"Petrade.Com, Inc."

"Organization Dedicated To Taking Care Of Birds, And Educating The Public About The Nature Of Birds. Some Of Our Goals Include - Giving A Comfortable Home To Any Exotic Bird Who Is Brought Or Sent Here; To Give Proper Attention And Time To The Birds Who Wish It. Our Site Also Includes A Gift Shop And Yearly Auction."

"Pets Helping People, Inc."

"Introducing A Neat Organization Serving Southeastern Wisconsin. To Improve The Quality Of Life For Individuals With Special Needs By Conducting Volunteer Pet Facilitated Therapy; To Achieve Optimum Standards Of Excellence In Its Practice And In The Care Of Therapy Animals Through Ongoing Training And Evaluation."

"Pets On Wheels"

The Pets On Wheels is a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Providing Friendly Pet Visitation For Residents & Senior Citizens Of Nursing Care Facilities.

"Pinto Horse Association Of America"

The Pinto Horse Association of America (PtHA) maintains a registry of more than 101,000 horses, ponies, and miniatures throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

"Preferred PetHealth Plus"

The association in order to have access to our per and pharmacy program and our nationwide lost and found service.

"Professional Retriever Trainers Association, Inc."

The Prta Is An Association Of Professional Retriever Trainers Formed For The Purpose Of Establishing And Maintaining Standards Of Professional Conduct With Respect To Clients And To The Retriever Sport.


Non-Profit Organization Comprised Of Psychologists Working In Cooperation With Other Professional And Animal Rights Organizations To Change The Way Individuals And Society As A Whole Treat Nonhuman Animals.


Non-Profit Organization Created To Locate, Foster, And Place In Forever Loving Homes, Purebred Dogs Trapped In Our Nations Puppymills.

"Rat Lovers'' Association Of Southern California"

Rat Lovers'' Association Of Southern California Is A Volunteer, Non-Profit, Animal Welfare Organization That Promotes Domestic Rats As Companion Animals Through Education And Sponsorship.

"Samoyed Association Of Canada"

The Samoyed Association Of Canada, Founded In 1964, Is Comprised Of Breeders And Pet Owners.

"Seattle Professional Photographers Association"

Provide Information With Respect To Creativity And Lasting Value Of Professional Photography, Committing Ourselves To Excellence Through Continuing Education

"Society Of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors, Inc."

The Society Of Parrot Breeders And Exhibitors, A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated To Improving The Care, Breeding And Quality Of All Species

"Somali Breeders And Fanciers Association, Inc."

Somali Breeders And Fanciers Association, Inc., Is A Longhaired Abyssinian, Originating As An Undesirable Product Of A Recessive Gene In The Abyssinian Cat.

"Sovereign Management Group Inc."

Sovereign Management Group Inc. Now Proudly Offers You An Exclusive Opportunity To Invest In The Newest Vending Machine Opportunity.We Also Offer The Exclusive Master Distributor Program. Territories Are Going Quickly Act Today

"Texas Dog Hunters Association"

Texas Dog Hunters Association Is Committed To Protecting And Preserving Dog Hunting In The State Of Texas By Working To Defeat All Proposed Legislation Which Attempts To Restrict Or Abolish This Long-Standing Tradition.

"The American Animal Hospital Association"

The American Animal Hospital Association (Aaha) Is An International Association Of More Than 17,000 Veterinary Care Providers Who Treat Companion Animals.

"The American Bobtail"

The American Bobtail Offer You The Most Information About The Breed, And What Has Been Involved In Making It What It Is Today. We Are Here To Educate You On What These Unique Cats.

"The American Catahoula Association"

The American Catahoula Association Is A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated To Uniting Owners And Breeders Of Registered Catahoula Leopard Dogs. Aca Is Not A Registry. The Association Works To Promote And Maintain The Conformation And Working Ability Of The Registered Catahoula Through Shows, Clinics, Trials And Certified Testing.

"The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc."

The American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. Is An Organization Dedicated To The Promotion, Development And Improvement Of The Domestic Rabbit And Cavy Industry And Fancy.

"The American Trakehner Association, Inc."

It Is A Public, Non-Profit Organization Composed Of Breeders, Owners And Friends Of The Trakehner Horse. The Association Has Grown From A Beginning Of 15 Organizers Into A Vital, Forward-Reaching Organization With Dedicated Members Throughout North America.

"The Aquatic Gardeners Association"

An International Organization Of Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts, Which Appeals To Both Beginners And Experienced Hobbyists Alike.

"The Canadian World Parrot Trust"

The Canadian World Parrot Trust Is A Branch Of The World Parrot Trust The Only International Conservation Organization Devoted Exclusively To The Survival Of Parrot Species In The Wild, As Well As The Welfare Of Every Individual Parrot.

"The Companion Animal Rescue Effort"

The Companion Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) is a nonprofit network of volunteers who foster and adopt pets into caring homes.

"The Cool It Co. Inc."

The Cool It Co. Inc. Is The Southern California Vending Machine Services, Snacks, Sodas, Water, Candy Machines.We Will Place A Vending Machine Or Service The One You Have.They Install The Vending Machine.

"The Doberman Pinscher Breeders Association"

To encourage and promote the quality breeding of purebred Doberman Pinschers and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection.

"The Dumb Friends League"

offers Behavior Tips On Crate Training Your Dog. Crate Training Your Dog May Take Some Time And Effort, But Can Be Useful In A Variety Of Situations.

"The Edmonton Avicultural Association"

The Intentions For The Club Was To Provide A Facility In Which Cage Bird Enthusiasts And Breeders Could Meet To Converse, And Assist One Another (New Hobbyists, As Well As Veterans) By Sharing Experiences From Both The Successes And Failures Of The Eaa Affiliated Bird Breeders.

"The German Shepherd Dog Rescue Houston, Inc."

The Volunteer Pack''S Mission To Care For And Protect, Adopt Out, And Keep German Shepherd Dogs Safe From Harm Whenever Possible.

"The Kennel Club"

Usually At This Time Of Year, You Would Be Logging On To See All The Results From The Show. However, Due To The Foot And Mouth Issue In The Uk, It Has Been Postponed Until Friday 25th To Monday 28th May 2001, But Will Still Take Place At The Nec In Birmingham.

"The Minnesota Companion Bird Association"

The Minnesota Companion Bird Association is a bird club based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. We provide a social, informational, and commercial network for over 300 parrot (and other pet bird) owners, aviculturists, business owners, avian veterinarians, and ornithologists throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the Midwest.

"The National Animal Interest Alliance"

The National Animal Interest Alliance featured books are Eco-Sanity: A Common Sense Guide to Environmentalism, Earth Report 2000: Revisiting the True State of the Planet, The Quotable Dog Lover, The Quotable Cat Lover etc.

"The National Bird Dog Challenge Association"

The NBDCA format offers competition for both pointing and flushing dogs. The National Bird Dog Challenge Association was founded for the sole.

"The National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association"

The National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association was founded in 1998 and is the parent breed club of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog in North America. NEMDAís goals are to do everything possible to protect and advance the best interests of the Entlebucher Mountain.

"The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association"

"The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Is A Nonprofit Corporation Whose Purpose Is To Foster, Promote, And Improve The Versatile Hunting Dog Breeds In North America; To Conserve Game By Using Well Trained Reliable Hunting Dogs Before And After The Shot; And To Aid In The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals By Discouraging Nonselective And Uncontrolled Breeding, Which Produces Unwanted And Uncared For Dogs."

"The Parrot Society Of Australia Inc."

The Parrot Society Of Australia Inc. Is Considered To Be The Leading Society In Aviculture For Breeders And Keepers Of All Types Of Parrots -- Not Only Native Australian Parrots, But Foreign And Exotic Parrots As Well.

"The People''S Dispensary For Sick Animals"

The PDSA is all about caring for pet animals when they are ill or injured and their owners cannot afford private vets fees.

"The Rat And Mouse Club Of America"

The Rmca Is A Non-Profit Club For Rat And Mouse Enthusiasts. Objectives Of The Club Are To Educate About The Proper Care Of Domestic Rats And Mice and To Promote Responsible Pet Ownership And Breeding.

"The Universities Federation For Animal Welfare"

Ufaw Is A Unique Scientific And Technical Animal Welfare Organisation. We Use Scientific Knowledge And Established Expertise To Improve The Welfare Of Animals As Pets, In Zoos, Laboratories, On Farms And In The Wild.

"The Vancouver Dog Owners Association"

Our goal is to preserve and expand recreational off-leash areas for dogs and their owners in Vancouver, and to build and maintain good relationships with related organizations and the community at large.

"The Walking Horse Association Of Michigan"

The Walking Horse Association Of Michigan Dedicated To Encourage And Promote The Riding, Exhibiting, Breeding And Pride In Ownership Of Waljing Horse Type Breeds.

"The Zebra Finch Society"

The Zebra Finch Society Is A National Finch Club Devoted To Zebra Finch. Believe That Through Careful Planning And Management That The Zebra Finch Will Remain One Of The Most Kept And Enjoyed Of All Caged Birds.

"Therapet Animal Assisted Therapy Foundation"

Therapet Is A Non-Profit Organization Whose Mission Is To Facilitate The Use Of Animals In The Healing And Rehabilitation Of Acute And Chronically Ill Individuals.

"Total Vending Services."

We Offer Two Types Of Coffee Service, Traditional Office Coffee Service Or The Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewing System. Which System You Choose Depends On What You Want To Provide To Your Employees.

"Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, Inc."

Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, Inc. (Tvar) Is A Non-Profit Charitable Organization Run Solely By Volunteers Dedicated To Placing Homeless Animals. Tvar Is The Only Authorized Group For The East County Animal Shelter (Ecas, Formerly Known As The Santa Rita Animal Shelter).

"Valley Forge Tape & Label Co., Inc."

Vft&L Is An Authorized Distributor Of Mateer Burt Automatic Labeling Systems.We Also Carry A Full Line Of Manual And Semi`Manual Dispensing Equipment And Thermal Printers. Customer Service Gives A Computerized Estimating,Computerized Tracking System,Direct Sales Force And Fully Staffed Experienced Professionals.

"Vendepac Ltd"

Vendepac, The Uk`S Largest Vending Operator Provides The Ideal Answer To Refreshments In The Workplace. Vendepac Have The Total Solutions Providing A Fully Managed Service Of Hot And Cold Beverage, Confectionery, Can And Food Machines Over The Whole Of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern And Southern Ireland.

"Victorian Canine Association Inc.,"

The Victorian Canine Association Inc (VCA) is the peak body representing owners and breeders of purebred dogs in Victoria and has a history dating back to 1877.

"Vintage Vending, Inc."

One Of The Things That Makes Vintage Vending The Industry Leader Is Our Dedication To Our Customers. In Addition To Providing The Highest Quality Original And Restored Fifties Memorabilia, We Are Happy To Offer A Wide Variety Of Services That Everyone, From The Seasoned Collector To The Curious Homeowner, Will Find Valuable. Our Services Page Provides The Opportunity To Explore Some Of The Things Vintage Vending Can Do For You.

"Weber Marking Systems, Inc"

Weber Customers Know That Labeling And Coding Assistance Is Merely A Phone Call Away.In Addition To A Direct Account Representative Right In Your Area, There Is An Experienced Team Of Customer Service Representatives At Our World Headquarters Waiting To Assist You. They Are Equipped With The Latest On`Line, Order-Entry Systems To Promptly Handle Your Requests.

"World Wide Pet Supply Association"

World Wide Pet Supply Association, Inc., Or Wwpsa As It Is Better Known, Is A Non-Profit, Membership-Controlled Trade Association Organized To Represent Its Members And The Interests Of The Companion Animal And Pet Products Industry.

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